Experience Berber culture

“Who are the Berbers?” That’s not an easy question.
An easier question to answer would be “Where are the Berbers”?
Berber live in the villages or even in the tents in the mountains and desert areas of North Africa from Egypt to Mauritania.
In Morocco 35 % of the population is of Berber origin and our culture varies from region to region, the same as our language does. Depending if you stay in the Western or Eastern part of High Atlas, in Anti-Atlas, Sahara desert or Rif Mountains you will have to speak Tarifit, Taschelheit or Tamazirt. Difficult, isn´t it? But don´t worry…In the last 14 years a lot has been done for revitalisation of the Berber language and very soon Google Translator will even offer translation to Berber dialects.
At the moment we are happy to be your “Translator” and of course we will also teach you some “Beber Basics”. Like “Tenemirt” (thank you) which will open for you a way to the heart of many local people we will meet along the way.

Let´s see what an unique “Berber” experiences are waiting for us…

Participate on Berber tea ceremony
Taste the traditional Berber mint tea and learn about the preparation. Have you ever wondered why we, the Berbers, pour the tea three times before drinking? Once for taste, once for smell and once for…you will learn!!

Taste the Berber kitchen
Do you believe that Couscous is an “instant” meal? It’s not so with the traditional one that you will taste in Morocco. Preparation of Couscous takes several hours and we consider Couscous as our festive dish. It cannot be missing at any wedding celebrations, both in rich and poor families.
And the well-known Tajine? This delicious mixture of the healthy local meat, vegetable and spices is boiled all together in the special Tajine pot. After the trip you might even prepare your own Tajine at home.
Another thing we would love to show you is how to properly use “harrisa”, the unique spice mix of Morocco.
And the traditional Berber breakfast, pancakes made in a wooden oven and melted with argan oil or marmalade will give you all the necessary energy for the day trip.

Enjoy the feeling of togetherness
Experience the unique get together feeling at “Berber” dinner where dish is always served in the middle of table and everyone is taking part. This has its origins in the old times already when the most serious punishment used to be to get expelled from the family table – as the one did lost access to food.

Islam is melodic, have you known it?
Listento the praying and other “village” melodies when waking up into the new day. There is a mosque in every village and you will hear the “Allahu akbar” several times during the day. As guides and muleteers, we also pray during the breaks on the trip, (often for good weather!!) so you can also experience this first hand.

Enter the villages where time has stopped
Our tour will lead us to places where people live very simply in harmony with themselves and nature. They have to work hard to prepare for the hard winters when they are cut off from rest of the world for several months. However you will see that also these people are happy and have their joy of life..

Get some “wellness” feeling in the traditional hamam
As alternative to the shower try out the traditional Berber bath the “hamam” which might be the true pleasure after days full of activity.

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