About us

Founders of the project, Tereza and Mohamed, have been friends since 2012 when they met each other in Toubkal. They share a passion for mountains & countryside, different cultures and of course for Morocco. With each of them having a different professional background they decided to combine skills and create a tour agency which would meet the needs of its particular client base with particular emphasis on program flexibility and respect for the local culture and people.

Meet Tereza…

… who answers all your questions and emails and makes sure that the world is well informed about BerberTrekking.com and that the money is coming in and going out on time (and especially that our local staff are fairly paid, not severely underpaid like many other tour companies).

Born in Pilsen, Czech Republic Tereza´s biggest passion has always been travelling, learning languages and meeting people from all over the world. During her studies, she lived in several countries and speaks English, German, French, Spanish and of course Czech. She had worked 7 years for a bank in Düsseldorf before she decided to explore more of Morocco, a country that she has liked for a long time for its well humoured people, “no problem” culture and sunny weather. With a certificate as Teacher of German as Foreign Language in her pocket Tereza moved to Fez where she spent couple of wonderful months teaching in a private German centre. Having explored all the streets of the Medina in Fez Tereza moved again, this time to Marrakech, to enjoy a bit more of the hiking paradise in Toubkal National Park and especially to start BerberTrekking.com with her friend. Tereza loves to run, cycle and camp and for the moment also to fix her new home in the ancient Medina.

If you want to anger Tereza ask her to pay for a mint tea more than 10 Dirham:-)

Meet Mohamed...

… who will take you safely through the country, introduce to local people and their traditions and make sure that everything on tour goes smoothly just as you wish.

Born in Toubkal Valley Mohamed has been working in tourist businesses for the last 15 years. He is a certified tour guide and a graduate of the Royal Moroccan Federation of Skiing and Mountaineering. He speaks 4 languages: Berber, Arabic, English and when he has to….also a little bit of French.
Working with foreigners has been his dream since he was a child and participated in the World Challenge project with Moroccan and British children coming all together in Berber villages. Nowadays he lives in Armed, the last village on the road to Toubkal with his wife and parents. He is always happy to welcome travellers to his home, share with them “Berber Whiskey” and a bit of true Berber lifestyle.
When he is not on tour he likes to play football- he is the goal keeper of Aremd team. He is interested in music and travelling. So far he visited a huge part of Morocco and hopes that in future he will have the opportunity to visit other countries as well.

If you want to anger Mohamed just call him MOMO…:-)

About us


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