“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together.”

This old African proverb exactly express what we believe in at BerberTrekking.com! You too? Then let us together explore the beautifully diverse Moroccan country in a small non-anonymous group of like-minded international travellers.

Check one of our open group travels!

4 days 17.062019 – 20.06.2019  Sand Dunes of Sahara and South of Morocco


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11 days 01.11.2019 – 11.11.2019  Through the Land of Nomads: Best Of Southern Morocco 


Price 1.150,- EUR 

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How is it to travel with us?

We avoid crowded tourist hotels and places and instead pick small local enterprises and people who have genuine interest and love for their environment and are very happy to share it with us. We know our partners since a long time and in the meantime a trust between each other has been created. Our partners value cooperation with us and we can rely that the services is perfect. Tasty and diverse dishes are prepared maintaining all hygienic standards and your accommodation will be always clean with authentically designed interiors.

Contact with locals is important to us. We are not scared to stop and have a tea with nomad family or play with school kids during their school break. This is possible thanks to our small groups of maximal 8 travellers. We organise small private groups of like minded people instead off a stereotyped bus full off tourist.

Whom will you meet travelling with us?

The other travellers are like you: interested in an off the beaten track experiences and open for different cultures. They usually travel alone or maximally with one or two other friends and are interested on a friendly atmosphere in our group. English is our main language of communication but of course all other languages are welcome too. Tereza, one of the owners of the company, will spend the entire time with you and will be your first contact for everything. Next to her you will meet many other local guides who will show you the best places of their region.

Does it all sound like vacation for you?

Hurray!!! Drop an email to info@berbertrekking.com or a Facebook Message with few lines about you and we will come back to you!

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