Health & Safety

Are our trips safe?
Yes, they are!
We will travel in the mountain regions where life and relations among people are very safe. The worst thing that might probably happen to you is that you will be asked to pay a too high price for something. But you can always ask your guide what the correct price should be and negotiate.

We always monitor the actual conditions (weather conditions, physical state of participants etc.) and adapt our tours according. This means, if snow falls over Toubkal and makes the ascent dangerous we will modify the route.

Nevertheless you always should keep in mind that you are in mountains so:

• Walk careful so that you don´t cause any injuries to yourself
• Don´t push yourself too hard - If you are tired talk to the guide.
• Don´t leave the group we don’t want you to get lost
• Save the mobile phone number of the guide for case of emergency. Signal coverage in the Toubkal National Park is in general very good.

Be aware that your stomach is not used to local water dos don´t drink from streams, rivers etc. to avoid stomach problems. There are plenty opportunities to buy bottled water everywhere.

Food that we eat during our trip should not cause you any problems.

All tourist guide who hold the Certificate from Royal Moroccan Federation of Skiing and Mountaineering are trained in providing of the first emergency. For cases of any medical emergency the closest hospital for us will be in Asni (15 km from Imlil) or we arrange transport to Marrakech.


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