Marrakech - Transport Airport

Since many people ask how to get in Marrakech from the airport to the city centre here is a quick overview of available possibilities:

Taxi – fastest and of course most expensive. However taxi have a fix rate and the fare shall not exceed 70 MAD. All taxi drivers have to have a small sticker with this rate on the windshield. So in case you will be asked more you can just refer to the windshield

Airport Shuttle Bus Nr. 19 – this bus is operated by ALSA and you will find it directly in the areal of airport. Fare is 30MAD and you can use it for return during the next 15 days as well. It leaves you at Jemaa-El-Fna. To go back the first bus leaves from Jema-El-Fna at 6.15 am., the second one at 7 am and then approx. every 30 minutes.

Public Bus Nr. 11 – for those who want to economize and have a bit of local adventure right after the arrival. The bus stop is outside the areal of Menara Airport thus you need to leave, walk the road towards roundabout and turn to the left. Cross the road and you will immediately see a bus stop. Bus Nr. 11 does not have any fix schedule but it comes from time to time. And it does not take 3 hours to go to the city like some dirham-hunting-taxi drivers will try to convince you. Just 15 minutes to Jemaa-El-Fnaa, 4 MAD and probably lot of “Merhababik” small talk with people on the bus so go for it.


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