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Discovering Morocco's Taxis: Unveiling the contrasts between petit taxis and grand taxis

When traveling in Morocco, you'll quickly realize that there are two main types of taxis on the road: petit taxis and grand taxis. These two types of taxis are incredibly different and understanding the differences between them can make all the difference in your trip.

Petit taxis, also known as "small taxis," are the little yellow cars you'll see zipping around the cities. They're perfect for short trips within the city, for example, from your hotel to a nearby market or attraction. They're affordable and easy to spot, just look out for the yellow license plate and the taxi sign on top. You can hail them on the street or book them through a taxi app (KECH CAB). These taxis are the best options if you want to get from point A to point B quickly and on a budget.

Grand (big) taxis, on the other hand, are the larger vans or the older Mercedes you'll see on the road. These are the taxis that will take you on the journey of a lifetime. Imagine road-tripping between cities and towns, taking in all the sights, and sounds of Morocco, while not having to worry about driving. These taxis are authorized to operate on longer-distance routes between cities and towns, and they usually have a white license plate. They seat up to 6 people and have set prices for the distances they travel to. You can stop them on the main road if you know which direction you are headed in, or start off at the main hub (normally in the center of every city and town).

One important thing to note is that petit taxis use meters and you must ensure that the meter is put on when you get in. A petit taxi can take up to 3 people so you may find yourself sharing with others who are also headed in the same direction. Note that it is illegal for a petit taxi to charge you a flat fee or tells you that the meter is broken (unfortunately, this happens in the larger cities with so many foreigners visiting so be aware that you can tell them you will call the police or immediately exit the taxi if the cab driver refuses to put on the meter).

While both petit and grand taxis in Morocco are safe and reliable, you also have the option of using a private car company or driver. You can ask your hotel or riad for recommendations, or book through a trusted taxi app such as InDriver.

In summary, petit taxis are the perfect option for short trips within the city, while grand taxis are the way to go for longer-distance travel between cities and towns. Note that every city has different coloured taxis! With this knowledge in your pocket, you'll be able to navigate the roads of Morocco like a pro!


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