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Do you have a short holiday? Do you think it is not possible to experience many exotic moments within one week? Not with us.
For this tour we have chosen the most exotic and authentic parts of Morocco which will quickly make you forget about your work and duties back home.
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Day 1: Arrival in Marrakech

Merhaba! Welcome to Marrakech! Our driver will wait for you at the airport and take you to the traditional Riadwhere you will spend the next two nights. Then you can decide. Either you can join for a dinner, get known the other fellow travellers and absorb for the first time the atmosphere at Jemaa-El-Fnaa listed with UNESCO for its amazing concentration of street art, music and storytellers. Or you decide to use the relaxing atmosphere of your Riad and spare the strength for the next days!

Day 2: Marrakech (1xB, 1xD)

First new experience will come in the very morning – muezzins calling for the prayer. That’s something completely different than waking up with an alarm clock. The rich breakfast will make clear that this holiday will be sweet. Moroccans love pastry and during the stay we will taste many different pancakes and jams. After that, let´s go to explore the ancient streets of the old Medina. Narrow aisles, traditional bakeries, carpets and spices… You will not know where to look first. In the workshop of an artisanal weaver you can take action and experiment with the traditional techniques.

Early afternoon you have the choice – relax in the Riad or take part of our Tanjia cooking workshop. What is it the mysterious Tanjia? It’s a special stew that we bring to the traditional hammam and let it slowly simmer there for couple of hours. Do you think you don´t know your fellow travellers well?  Negotiating with the grocers in the market and estimating the correct amount of spices is a good and fun way to learn each other known better. While our dinner is being cooked, we continue with a visit of Palais Bahia, a splendid noble building with wonderful gardens and decorations. And then it is time for you. Drink a strong Moroccan coffee or avocado juice in a typical coffee place or test your negotiations skills during shopping in the streets. There is time for everything before we around 8 pm, bring our Tanjia back and voila, bon appetit!

Day 3: Marrakech – Draa (1xB, 1xL, 1xD)

After a plentiful breakfast we say goodbye to Marrakech and with a private 4x4 car we start our trip to the South. We pass the fruitful Valley of Ourika and climb the road to the pass Tiz n´Tichka, with 2,260 m the highest pass in Morocco. We pass many beautiful sceneries and Berber villages. Right after Tichka the countryside and architecture change completely – we are in the Moroccan South!

Lunch in the Moroccan Hollywood Ouarzate where many famous movies were shot. In afternoon we reach the river and oasis Draa where we stay in a renovated ancient kasbah. The area is famous for dates production and while visiting a local farmer we will discover how the process of grow and harvest works. Evening is for enjoying delicious dinner and the peaceful atmosphere of the oasis.  

Driving time: 5 h

Day 4: Trekking in the Draa – Nkob  (1xB, 1xL, 1xD)

We will start the day with a ½ day walk through the green oasis to the kasbah Tamnougalte. After lunch we meet our transport and drive for approximately one hour to reach our new destination, an ecological lodge Auberge Bassouclose to the village Nkob. Here in the wonderful garden maintained with love by the lovely owners you have time to relax before the hike of the next day. One promise for today – you will not forget the dinner – a fusion between Moroccan and French kitchen, prepared completely from the local vegetable and meat.

Driving time: 1 h

Day 5: Hike in Jebel Saghro (1xB, 1xL, 1xD)

Today we will experience something really special!! Jebel Saghro is one of the most unexplored areas in Morocco and a hiking paradise. The black stony landscape underlines even more the green colour of the oasis. Our mountains guide and his team origins from the tribe of Ait Atta, Berbers who inhabit the deserted area of Sagro since centuries. After a few hours of walking we find our cook preparing our picknick lunch at a picturesque place.A short siesta and we continue exploring the unique rock formations of this “moon landscape” for a few more hours. Around 5 pm we are back in the auberge where we also take the well-deserved dinner.

Walking time: 6h

Day 6: Nkob – Erg Chebbi (1xB, 1xL, 1xD)

It is not easy to say good bye to our warm-hearted hosts in Nkob but another adventure is waiting. After breakfast we drive through the deserted landscape for approximately 3 hours. Short before Erfoud, a city known for the fossils findings, we make a stop and try our luck – who will find fossilized beetle or a plant?

Shortly after, red mountains are amounting in front of us and this is not a fata morgana – we have reached the edge of the dunes area Erg Chebbi. A delicious lunch is waiting for us in the small auberge. The afternoon program is up to you. Relax or take a walk in the refreshing palmerie of the village.

Around 5 pm we meet our camels and guide and start a 1,5 hours camel walk into the sand dunes. There in a small cosy Nomadic camp we will spent the night. Be prepared for romantic campfire, stars shining as bright as nowhere else and maybe even Berber music and dance.

Driving time: 3h

Day 7: Erg Chebbi trek – tea with nomads – car to hotel (1xB, 1xL, 1xD)

Today early birds will be rewarded with the sun rising over the sand dunes and colouring them to the bright orange. We eat our breakfast at the camp and with camels carrying our luggage, we start our trek through the desert. After a while your feet get used to the sand and your eyes to the repetitive but beautiful landscape around. Walking in desert is almost meditative and very enjoyable. Around lunch time we stop, and our local guide who is literally born in a nomad tent in the desert, will start to prepare a traditional desert food – the medfuna. You will see him preparing the dough very skilful, filling it with meat and vegetable and baking afterwards in the hot sand. It´s delicious and definitely very authentic. Later in the afternoon we see some tents of a nomad family and take the opportunity to drink a tea with them.  

Our driver will meet us in the evening at the edge of sand dunes and bring us to the hotel where we have dinner and spend the night.

Walking time: 6h

Day 8: Erg Chebbi – Todgha Gorge, walk in Todgha (1xB, 1xL, 1xD)

Right after the breakfast we take a look at the sand dunes for the last time and drive towards one of the most spectacular areas: the Gorge Todgha whose walls reach up to 400m high.  Today we will stay in a small village of Tizgui. Our host Sidi Mohamed is already waiting with freshly homemade lunch. Afternoon program is up to you. You can join a small walk led by one of the founders of an ecological organisation Les Gorge du Toudgha Ecologie. The members are all born in the area and always show us the most beautiful spots of this magnificent region.

Driving time: 3h

Day 9: Gorge Todgha – Ait Ben Haddou (1xB, 1xL, 1xD)

Today we have time to sleep longer and enjoy long the rich breakfast. Those who want to impress friends with unique photos will have time to go back to the Gorge and take pictures when the sun starts to shine over the rocky walls...

We have a four hour drive to Ait Ben Haddou, an old kasbah fortress at the river Ounila which has been listed at UNESCO and become one of the symbols of the Moroccan South. Unlike other tour organizers who accommodate their clients in one of the modern hotels next to the road we want to present our travellers something unique and stay in the heart of the kasbah. This will require a bit walk, but our luggage will be carried to the hotel by a mule. We will be asked to save the electricity since the hotel is powered only by solar panel! However, all these small discomforts will be fully rewarded by the wonderful feeling when the last tourist has left the authentic streets of Ben Haddou and you have the city for yourself.

Once arrived in the hotel, we will eat a light lunch and then you can decide. Do you want to explore kasbah on your own? Great! The kasbah is easy to navigate and you will have enough time to look into the local shops and maybe practice haggling a little bit. Or you prefer to walk with your travelling friends, climb the mysterious mountain opposite the kasbah and the rivers of the Ounila river? There are many options in Ben Haddou and you will for sure enjoy yourself. Dinner will be served at candle light and then there is enough time to relax at one of the many sophisticated terraces.

Driving time: 3h

Day 10: Ait Ben Haddou – Kasbah Telouet – Marrakech (1xB, 1xL)

It is the last day touring in the south of Morocco, but we still have so much to experience. On our way to the pass of Tichka we won´t follow the touristic busses on the main road and instead drive on a small path copying the Ounila river. We will see small stony villages, women washing clothes in the river and caves inhabited by the locals not that long ago. After two hours of beautiful views a huge castle surrounded by mountains appears in front of us – kasbah Telouet. This extraordinary structure was built by the noble family of Glaoua and witnessed many events crucial for the new Moroccan history. We explore the kasbah and take a short walk in the authentic village. For lunch, something special is ordered for today – tajine with caramelized figs, plums and nuts, a dish typical for this remote village.

Around 5 pm we arrive in Marrakech and move to the same Riad from a week ago. It is up to you how you spent your last evening in Marrakech. You can join your travelling friends for common dinner or enjoy once more the atmosphere at Jemaa-El-Fnaa, just as you like.

Driving time: 4h

Day 11: Marrakech – departure (1xB)

Depending on your departure time a taxi will bring you to the airport.

Alternatively, you can spend some more time in Marrakech, visit the beautiful botanic gardens in Ourika Valley or prolong the trip to the mountains or sea side. We will be happy to advice you on the many options this wonderful country has to offer.

  • Marrakech – souks, palaces & artisanal

  • Visit of traditional weavers´ workshop

  • Cooking of traditional Tanjia dish

  • Trekking in Jebel Saghro

  • Camel ride and overnight in the sand dunes

  • Trekking through the Sahara

  • Exploring of Todgha Gorge

  • Overnight in UNESCO Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou

  • Ounila Valley and Telouet

  • Friendly and authentic accommodations

  • Interactions with locals

  • Small group of travellers (2-8 participants)

  • Off the beaten path travel style

  • Friendly and experienced travel guides

1,150 EUR 





01/11/2019 - 11/11/2019

What is INCLUDED in your price?


  • Sightseeing tour through Marrakech medina

  • Visit of traditional weavers´ workshop

  • Entrance to Palace Bahia

  • Entrance to Kasbah Telouet

  • 1 day trek in Jebel Saghro

  • Walk in the oasis Draa

  • Camel ride

  • 1 day trek in the sand dunes + desert

  • Walk in the area of Todgha Gorge

  • Private 4x4 car suitable to drive off-road with driver

  • Private transport from/ to airport in Marrakech

  • Checklist of recommended equipment


  • English speaking tour guide who will accompany you during the entire tour

  • English or French speaking local guides in Jebel Saghro, Erg Chebbi or Todgha Gorge

  • Accompanying team with mules and camels for luggage transport during the trek in Jebel Saghro and in the desert

  • Private cook during the trek in Jebel Saghro

  • Private driver


  • 3x traditional Riad in Marrakech

  • 1x guesthouse in Timidarte/ oasis Draa

  • 2x eco guesthouse in Jebel Saghro

  • 1x tent in Nomad camp in the desert

  • 1x guesthouse in desert

  • 1x guesthouse in Todgha Gorge

  • 1x guesthouse in Ait Ben Haddou

All rooms are equipped with private toilet and hot shower. Only in the desert camp shower is not available. However, you can use the shower in the hotel before parting for the Nomad camp.

Accommodation in double rooms. Private rooms are possible for additional fee 200 EUR



  • 10x breakfast

  • 6x lunch in restaurant or guesthouse (usually salad, tajine or omelette, fruit, bread)

  • 1x picnic lunch in Jebel Saghro (usually salad, vegetable or meat tajine, bread, nuts, olives, fish, tea)

  • 1x lunch in the desert – traditional medfuna

  • 7x dinner in guesthouse (usually soup, meat tajine or couscous, fruit, tea)

  • 1x cooking of traditional tanjia in Marrakech

What is NOT INCLUDED in your price?

  • International flights

  • Not mentioned lunches and dinners

  • Bottled water/Soft drinks/ Alcohol drinks

  • Travel insurance

  • Tip for the local guides and driver (only if you are happy with the services. We mention it because tipping is a very important part of Moroccan culture)

What can be additionaly booked

  • Additional night in Marrakech

Do you have questions to this trek or you want to book? Send us your message here or to our email
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